Anonymous: You are exceptionally attractive 

Why thank you :) that means a lot. I struggle with self image. This made my night :3

Anonymous: Why do you need to be married if you're already living with your girl and have a life together, even if it's been a short while that you two have been together. You should wait to get married. 

Getting engaged and getting married are two completely different things. Depends on how you view it. We will probably be engaged for a while. But I don’t know where life will take us, I just know I love her and wanna settle down with her at some point.

Anonymous: You and ur gf have been together like three months and ur popping the question? 

I really don’t think I specifically said how long me and Rachel have been together, so I either don’t remember or you know me which if you do I’m pretty sure I know exactly who this is. And the answer to that is yes I’m going to ask her, why? Because we have faced challenges unlike any other, and the cards that were handed to us in life sheds light on things 20 year olds usually don’t worry about. I’m still going to do what I’m going to do regardless of what anyone else thinks, me and her are on the same page in our relationship, we’ve recently started living together and we both are very ambitious and serious. She is exactly what I’d want next to me for as long life will let that happen, it doesn’t matter how long we have been together, when you know, you know and we both know what we want in life and nothing will prevent us from obtaining it.

So beyond ready for my Charleston vacation with Rachel. I’m so stoked.